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A Message To Those Who Still Support Joe Paterno

For many years, Joe Paterno was revered and admired as a skilled football coach, a visionary who cared deeply about Penn State University. Even as more and more evidence surfaced about his former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State community stood in solidarity with Paterno. It appeared that Paterno was innocent, that he knew nothing of the horrific abuses committed by Sandusky. Now that solid evidence has surfaced that Paterno knew about the abuses all along, and tried to cover them up, the late football coach deserves no support whatsoever. His actions merit no positive recognition. Instead of helping out the abused by reporting the paedophile, he wilfully ignored the victims, forever tainting his and Penn State’s reputation.

Giving this man support ignores the abuses Paterno covered up, and is unfair to the victims whose lives were terribly changed.

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