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Gay Rights Take Another Step Forward

Giving more options for gay couples.

Though the Catholic Church is far from approving the idea, the Episcopal Church voted to approve the blessing of same-sex couples. The Church, which at nearly two million members is the “largest U.S. denomination to officially¬†sanction same-sex relationships”, also voted to allow transgender Christians to become priests (“Episcopal Church Approves Same-Sex Blessing Service“).

The Rev. Ruth Meyers, who helped develop the blessing, said that though the blessing was not the same as marriage, there were “‘a lot of similarities. The couple give their consent to being joined in lifelong commitment, they exchange vows…There is a blessing over the couple'” (“Episcopalians Approve Rite to Bless Same-Sex Unions“).

Though a good number of bishops and clergy were against the decision, it was widely approved; in the House of Bishops, 111 people voted in favor, 41 against, and 3 abstained (“Episcopalians Approve Rite to Bless Same-Sex Unions“).

With these decisions, the Episcopal Church demonstrates its willingness to adapt to the changing times around it. This is essential; now more Americans can experience the freedom they deserve.

CNN.com and The New York Times were used as sources for this article. Please contact me for full source information.